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Casting Call

theatre KAPOW, an award-winning theatre company based in Manchester, NH, seeks two non-union actors for a play reading on April 14, 2019, of Athol Fugard’s The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek.

About the play:
Aging farm laborer Nukain has spent his life transforming the rocks at Revolver Creek into a vibrant garden of painted flowers. Now, the final unpainted rock, as well as his young companion Bokkie, has forced Nukain to confront his legacy as a painter, a person and a black man in 1980s South Africa. When the landowner’s wife arrives with demands about the painting, the profound rifts of a country hurtling toward the end of apartheid are laid bare.

NUKIAN – Tata to Bokkie, Outa to Elmarie. An old black man, a natural innocent who has never lost a childlike capacity for looking at the world with wonder. When we first see him, however, he is a troubled man.
BOKKIE/ JONATHAN SEJAKE– A bright and intelligent young black boy about eleven years old. / The young Bokkie of Act I, now a grown man who goes by his ‘real name,’ Jonathan Sejake. A young, well-educated man in his mid-thirties, full of energy and conviction.

Two rehearsals for the reading will be held during the two weeks prior to the reading (April 1 – 14). The reading itself will be at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire. A stipend of $100 is offered for this role.

Please send headshot and resume