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“Isolation is a way to know ourselves.”
― Franz Kafka


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During the early days of the pandemic and those frightening, confusing first months of quarantine, so many people were searching for answers, someone to blame, a roll of toilet paper?!  During that time, we hunkered down, watched the news obsessively, posted funny memes about hoarding clorox wipes and used social media more than ever and our newfound friend Zoom to connect with others.

Many artists sought to create ways to communicate and connect.  Connection to and for their fellow artists and connection to their communities.  I personally found comfort in the beauty of videos being made and produced by musicians, dancers, circus artists, theater makers.  Those videos in their simplicity were expressions of pain, fear, love and confusion, yet so beautiful and brave in their vulnerability.

I felt the urge to reach out to some of my fellow artists and colleagues to create an expression of this moment in time, both as a way to find connection and fellowship and also as a way to contribute and reach out.  In June of 2020, I emailed a group of artists and friends with a few writing prompts and a loose idea for a short video project and they dove in with courage, grace and generosity.  Over the past 10 months, 14 artists shared writing, filmed a lot on their phones at home and in surrounding nature and shared their work to a google drive.  I then had the brilliant Kyp Pilalas of Wax Idiotical Films as my fabulous collaborator on editing all the work together.  In the end, we created two short videos, Destroying the Cage and Big...Inside.

These videos are partly a reflection on the past year, but also resonate with this moment right now.  A year later.  March 13, 2021. A year after the world locked down.  When I had the idea for this project, I thought we’d be creating something to share in the fall of 2020.  I had no idea just how much more was to come.  In the end I am grateful for a process with no deadline.  A project that I could put down when I had to and go back to when I needed it.  And now that we are finished, I think this is the perfect time to share this work.  To reflect, acknowledge the loss of the past year and look to the work ahead.  And on my bravest days, I feel hopeful for better days soon to come. 

Thank you to my colleagues and dear friends at theatre KAPOW for producing this project and all the folks who contributed their artistry and support. I am so grateful.

~ Rachael Chapin Longo

Destroying the Cage
Conceived and Directed by Rachael Chapin Longo
Written by Kate Devorak
Edited by Kyp Pilalas

Music: "Better than it was Before" by Ed Napoli

Filmed and Performed by
Carey Cahoon
Gina Carballo
Dan Crozier
Candace Gatzoulis
Kyla Gatzoulis
Heidi Krantz
Teddi May Kennick-Bailey
Bonnie Sue Stein

produced by theatre KAPOW, August 2020 - March 2021

Big... Inside
Conceived and Directed by Rachael Chapin Longo
Written by Katie Collins, Rachael Chapin Longo, Olivia Dodd, Leslie Pasternack, and Wanda Strukus
Edited by Kyp Pilalas

Music: "Walking Back to Dream" by Diamond Tunes

Filmed and Performed by
Carey Cahoon
Katie Collins
Kate Devorak
Olivia Dodd
Peter Josephson
Rachael Chapin Longo

produced by theatre KAPOW, August 2020 - March 2021