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Congratulations to the company of Penelope, and to all the artists of theatre KAPOW who took home awards at the 2014 NH Theatre Awards

Best Production:  Penelope
Best Director:  Matt Cahoon for Penelope
Best Actor:  Peter Josephson for Penelope
Best Actress:  Carey Cahoon for Macbeth
Our Theatre Hero: Norm St. Germain of APS Sound-Lighting-A/V

We're proud of all our finalists for 2014 NH Theatre Awards

Best Production:  Macbeth*
Best Director:  Matt Cahoon for Macbeth*
Best Actor:  Wayne Asbury for Penelope*
Best Actor:  Peter Josephson for Macbeth*
Best Supporting Actor:  Colby Morgan for Penelope
Best Supporting Actor:  Neal Blaiklock for Penelope*
Best Supporting Actor:  Wayne Asbury for Macbeth
Best Scenic Design:  Dan Bilodeau for Penelope*
Best Scenic Design:  Carey Cahoon for Macbeth
Best Sound Design:  David Comtois for Macbeth
Best Lighting Design:  Tayva Young for Penelope
Best Lighting Design:  Tayva Young for Macbeth*

* - Top 3 Finalist

What the adjudicators said about Penelope:
“This production stayed with me for days.”
“This production is why we go to the theatre. To be moved to tears, to laugh out loud, to be all the richer for having spent 90 minutes with a story as complex as life itself, deftly told.”
“This was simply one of the best pieces of work that I have had the pleasure of seeing in a long time that I feel that you needed to see it more than once in order to really pick up on all of the minute details that were so flawlessly pulled off. An incredible production.”
“Exceptional production that has been directed to be more than the sum of its parts. A dark, complex, sometimes opaquely existential play is wrung for every particle of anger, pathos, humour, and ultimately a sliver of hope by Matt Cahoon until the audience is well spent.”
“Asbury is a force of nature, with his utterly convincing rants and raves, reminiscent of a caffeinated Matthew McConaughey... He roams the entire "stage", making use of every inch of the swimming pool like a caged animal.”
“The performance of Dunne was exceptional. Mr. Josephson took this character to the nth degree and did an amazing job with it. HIs vocal technique was excellent... A stellar performance.”
“He was outstanding in his expressiveness, exhibited a wide range of emotion, and had great timing. He was in character and interesting to watch at all times, and had a terrific level of energy throughout the show. In a cast of strong actors, he was the very best on the stage. Outstanding job!”
“Blaiklock gave an impressive and consistent performance as Fitz. The journey that Fitz went on was perhaps the most real and truthful of the men, and it was a pleasure to watch Blaiklock take us on that journey with him.”
“Mr. Morgan's portrayal of Burns was excellent... His vocal and physical technique were spot on.“
“This production is why we go to the theatre: the impeccable performances rocked my brain and stole my heart.”

What the adjudicators said about Macbeth:
“The production had am amazingly guttural (raw) feel to it; the energy of the production was palpable.”
“An audience member leaves the theatre with a sense of being challenged, entertained, and has been in the presence of a group who dedicates themselves to their craft, and all the thought and creativity that goes into the theatre experience. No stone was left unturned in this depiction of Macbeth.”
“From concept to execution, the entire piece was tight, captivating, creative, innovative, and told the story clearly from beginning to end. The actors were committed and focused, the technical elements were nearly flawless, and the script was expertly cut and transposed to serve three actors.”
“The lighting was superb, simply superb. Amazing consideration was given to mood, blocking, and effect. From the lightning bolts to the focus on faces, hands, the puppets...all very well placed and in appropriate tones. The lighting fused itself with the actors’ performances and they moved as one.”
“What a great challenge you have awarded yourselves and Theatre KAPOW by taking on Macbeth with only three actors! I was at the last show, and as I understand it, you had performed this show 4 times in 24 hours. I would venture to say that I received a performance as good as the first, with such energy and passion. BRAVO!”
“Carey’s Lady Macbeth ‘and various’ were well populated with vocal and carriage shifts that breathed life into the variety of characters she portrayed. Her Lady Macbeth was deliciously sociopathic.”
“Totally engaged, the energy was matched by her ability to articulate horror, distrust, loyalty, fear, servitude, and a bewitching hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck raising experience for the audience. Carey showed great command in a demanding performance.”
“The best version of “the Scottish play” I have ever seen, hands down.”

16 Finalists in 2 productions