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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
Luigina Sgarro


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The giving season is obviously all about sharing. But sharing means more than financial support – as important as that is. For us at theatre KAPOW, we are reflecting on, among other things, how many of our friends and audience members have been with us since our first production of Miss Julie at the Stockbridge Theatre in Derry in 2008. And how many more of you have joined us along the way.

tKAPOW is starting yet another chapter in our ongoing story by becoming the Resident Theater Company for the Bank of New Hampshire Stage in Concord, in a partnership with the Capitol Center for the Arts. This new venue brings great opportunities: a wonderful new space for plays which offers the chance to incorporate audio-visual components and other innovations into our productions and the chance to bring tKAPOW’s unique approach to intimate, challenging theater pieces to new audiences. We put stories on stage to create a safe space to start a conversation to begin to heal communities, families, and hearts.

Over the next few months, we’ll be presenting two new plays – Breadcrumbs, a meditation on art and the loss of memory by Jennifer Haley and Tiny Beautiful Things, based on a book by Cheryl Strayed, an enrapturing and uplifting play about reaching when you’re stuck, recovering when you’re broken, and finding the courage to ask the questions that are hardest to answer. We’re also continuing our tradition of Open Training every month and gathering online in our Expanding the Canon play reading and discussion circle focusing this year on Native American playwrights. We hope you’ll all be able to share some or all of these events with us.

We’ll appreciate any gift you can share this year. We couldn’t do any of this without you. Financial support is one huge piece. So is the beautiful dialogue between actors and an audience that is the essence of live theater.

Thank you for giving us both,
Walter Maroney, Board President

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