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“Isolation is a way to know ourselves.”
― Franz Kafka


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Twelve is a symbol of cosmic order.  There are twelve months in a year.  Time is measured in two groups of twelve hours.  In number theory, twelve is considered a sublime number (a positive integer that has a perfect number of positive factors and whose factors add up to another perfect number).  And, for theatre KAPOW, season twelve is a season of countless positive factors.

As I write this letter, we are in the midst of our twelfth season of producing great works of dramatic literature from across ages and cultures.  This season, which we have themed “that’s what SHE SAID” features the powerful dramatic voices of some of the very finest female dramatists.

Along with exploring new perspectives from these fabulous female playwrights, in season 12 tKAPOW has also committed to bringing new artists into the equation.  With our first show of the season, The Penelopiad, we worked with New Hampshire Dance Collaborative to secure a choreographer and composer for the production.  The result was a production which stretched us as theatre artists, creators and collaborators.

As one of our audience members said, “Completely astounding! Margaret Atwood’s language, plus the inventive style of tKAPOW, plus new partnerships with choreographers and musicians all added up to breath-taking effect.”  And, in case you hadn’t gotten enough of the number twelve, you might remember that Penelope had twelve maids!

We have found that these ‘astounding’ and ‘breath-taking’ moments fuel us as artists and help us to engage growing audiences.  Every year at this time, we write to you asking for your support to continue our work. We cannot continue to create the work we do without you. Ticket sales alone cannot sustain a theatre company. But, your support is about more than providing us funds to hire designers, build scenery, or purchase costumes. Your support provides the opportunity for us to continue to challenge ourselves to become better at what we do.

Give a gift to theatre KAPOW. A monthly gift can make your dollars go even further. You can be one of the positive factors that allows us to continue to share the sublime work of our artists with audiences throughout the state.  

Thanks for all that you do to support our work,

Matt Cahoon, Artistic Director

Donate Monthly with PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!~OR~Donate Now with PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

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