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The past never returns, what returns is not the past,  but a present that has distant roots.
Luigina Sgarro


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Feast by Megan Gogerty

Friday, September 25, 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 26, 2:00 pm
Saturday, September 26, 7:30 pm
Sunday, September 27, 4:00 pm

This performance will be live streamed. Tickets $10

You are cordially invited to break bread, virtually, with one of the seminal monsters of English literature.  Share in her hard won victories and shattering griefs. FEAST is an immersive, visceral theatre experience where mythology crashes into pop culture.  Highly theatrical and timely, this dinner party is both thrillingly ancient and fiercely present. Turn your attention to the wreckage of the 21st century, and find what it takes to maybe build a better world.

And have a little treat. You deserve it.

Spend a few dollars more and receive a special Party Favor for pickup in Manchester, NH.Treat may include nuts and/or gluten. Order 24 hours in advance for pickup.

FEAST is performed by Carey Cahoon and directed by Matthew Cahoon.

Run time: 75 minutes

We are pleased to offer our live-streamed solo series at a very affordable ticket price. If you can support our work with an additional donation, we thank you!