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“Isolation is a way to know ourselves.”
― Franz Kafka


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Open Training has moved online!

Open Training November 14

Fragments of the Self with Bruna Magnes
Saturday, December 19, 10 am - 12 pm EST

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Meeting ID: 868 9194 8776 Passcode: 926623

Fragments of the Self is an experience that invites, emerges and can integrate, through art, creativity and self-knowledge, parts that inhabit us, but that are not recognized. These parts often act on their own, as autonomous complexes and we are not always aware of them. When we map these parts, we start a path of reconstruction and reprogramming the way we see and deal with life. The methodology is a set of dynamics that enable you to empathize with those parts within you. This results in self-knowledge. And this methodology is nothing more than one of the countless ways to know yourself, to go deeper into your own intimacy ... but with a very specific characteristic: it is not mental, self-knowledge happens because it happens and it is therapeutic! 

The only preparation you need: Choose an object to be used as a kick off and let the choice come from your intuition.

  • This should take no more five minutes
  • Try to be as relaxed and grounded as possible
  • Focus and say the keywords below out loud with openness, receptivity and listening:
    • Shield/armour
    • Control
    • Worthlessness
    • Attachment 
    • Shame 
    • Stubbornness
    • Guilt
  • Repeat the words slowly, feeling the pulse of each one. After repeating for a minute or two, look around the room and check it out for an object.

Let the keywords be impulses. It may be that one specific word “hits" you strongly, then another; if so, allow that word to point you to your object. It may happen that an object “jumps" out to you, or it can also be that an image of a specific object comes that is not in the range of your eyes. That’s OK, this is your object! Its image only needs to be clear to you, then, if you wish, you can draw it.

There is no right or wrong: Trust your singular creativity! Bring your object (or a drawing of it, or a clear mental picture of it!) and we’ll see you on Zoom!

Bruna Magnes is an actress, ballerina, and researcher of the human soul. She is the creator of Fragments of the Self, a methodology combining theater techniques, movement study, and self-knowledge to give all of our parts space to be liberated, integrated, and fully expressed. Using creative compassion to call in our imperfections and give us permission to exist exactly as we are.

Training is an integral part of theatre KAPOW's work. acting, movement, improvisation, voice, speech, object work, viewpoints, and more. Company members have trained with Double Edge Theatre Company, the Michael Chekhov Studio, Shakespeare & Company, The Atlantic Acting School and SITI Company, and draw on these techniques and methods for their work.

All are invited, no experience is necessary. Come comfortably dressed to move (no jeans). Arrive 15 minutes early to check in and stretch.

Upcoming Open Training Schedule

  • ONLINE: Saturday, October 17, 10 am - 12 pm - Gwendolyn Schwinke

Open trainings are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month and cost $5. Sessions take place in the studio on the third floor of 83 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH unless otherwise noted. Street parking is available. $5 per session, payable at the door. Questions? Email us.

Planning to join us? You can complete the waiver in advance and bring it with you if it is your first time.

Training with theatre KAPOW

What participants are saying:
"The process of creating with such trust... wow so wonderful! Thanks for making me feel welcome!"
"Had a mind-blowing moment at theatre KAPOW training this morning. Finally connected some concepts I have been struggling with. Love it!"
"Thank you for an invigorating training this morning! Sharpened these tools in my toolbox- movement and gestures to prompt/find feelings and using your whole body in a gesture so it has a beginning, middle and end."

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